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Pipe Scaffolding NYC

Pipe scaffolding is one of the significant areas that need the highest level of protection and quality during the work. Keeping this in mind, New York Construction Solutions is here to provide you scaffold service ensuring that you don’t have to face any problem on your ongoing projects. Our team of well-trained professionals is always ready to assist you in the best way possible. 

NYC Build Pipe Scaffolds Guidelines

Our experts have proper scaffolder training and will assist you to simplify the work process and all the maintenance regarding the pipe scaffolding activities. We do ensure that the work is completed within the given timeline. Just like you, we also don’t like to experience delays in the work. One of the key benefits of the pipe scaffolding is that you will reach the maximum height in a secure manner without any worry.

Some important guidelines regarding the scaffold systems that one should keep in mind are:

     Never overload the scaffolding. It is important to stay within the capacity limits to avoid the overturning and balancing issue.

     The platform at which the scaffolding is going to be placed should be intact and there should be no damages at all.

     It is important to keep the supported or suspended scaffolds criteria in your mind while setting it up.

     Easy and quick access should be provided to the operator for scaffold use.

     Proper measures should be taken to get fall protection and protection against falling objects. 

Pipe Scaffolding Parts

The scaffolding should meet the OSHA standards for the best performance and structural design. It is important to note that the pipe scaffolding installation should be done well according to the wide range of structures and buildings. You can pick different types of scaffolding according to the requirements of a building.

The basic elements of tube and coupling scaffolding will have three important components such as:

Standards: It is a long pipe or tube that will be running vertically to connect the mass of the scaffold directly with the ground.

Ledgers: Between every standard, the ledger or runner will run horizontally along the scaffold length. The placement of the ledger will define the height of the platform for the workers.

Transoms: Bearers or transoms will be placed on top of ledgers and present at the right angles to them. Furthermore, this will run horizontally back to the font that will define the width of the bay. 

New York Scaffolding

New York Construction Solutions possess scaffold license NYC. We as a company have a proven track record of providing the best and affordable services. We are going to take extra care while working because we know that scaffolding work is prone to dangers. People working are vulnerable to injuries and damage, so we are going to take every precaution possible. Our skilled project managers and maintenance managers are active and check all the quality aspects during the work. 

Types of Scaffolding

Different types of scaffolding used in different projects are listed below:

     2 Inch Scaffold Pipe

     Scaffolding Steel Pipe

     DIY Pipe Scaffolding

     Rolling Scaffolding

     Gi Scaffolding Pipe

     Portable Scaffolding

     Aluminum Scaffolding

     Construction Scaffolding

     Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe

Pipe Scaffolding in Manhattan

Get construction scaffolding services from the experts. Manhattan is one of the densely populated areas in New York City, so proper precaution while working on scaffolding is a must! Hire us and leave the rest on us. 

Pipe Scaffolding Westchester

Residents of Westchester can get pipe scaffolding rental services from us at cheap rates. You will get guaranteed the best quality work at affordable rates. We will also ensure that our customers are fully satisfied at the end of the project.

Our experts don’t hesitate to get out of their comfort zone to provide the best services to the clients. We are the believer of the quote that customer is the king. Thus, we exert our efforts to satisfy the kings.

pipe scaffolding nyc


What is pipe scaffolding?

A hot-rolled seam pipe of 5 or 1 and 2-inch pipes which is widely used in the building industry to support the work crew and materials. These are the temporary structures that do not carry any fluid inside.

What are the types of scaffolding?

There are 3 commonly used scaffoldings:

 Suspended Scaffolds,

 Supported Scaffolds

 Aerial Lifts.

 The type of scaffoldings which will be the best option for you depends on your specific needs and requirements. 

What is the standard size of scaffolding pipe?

A diameter of 48.3mm and a 3.2mm - 4.0mm wall thickness is the standard size of scaffolding pipe. 


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