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Your Construction Solutions Partner in NYC

We offer reliable temporary fences, sidewalk shed, scaffold systems, and construction fence rental solutions in NYC and nearby areas. The safety of our customers is our foremost priority. We are committed to bringing excellence and comply with the highest standards of safety. Our experienced and reliable professionals make sure that we offer the best of both worlds to our valuable clients. From being the helping hand in new construction projects to carrying out high-end demolition jobs, we will be at your disposal.

• A licensed company 

• 100% customer satisfaction rate 
• Same-day installation
• Affordable and competitive pricing 

• Easy mobility to facilitate better work

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Sidewalk Bridge in NYC

It is providing the greatest services to give the most dependable shed installed for clients who are searching for cost-effective building options. Get a free consultation right now.

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Your Safety Partner in Brooklyn

We offer the highest-quality sidewalk protection in town and ensure that all of our customers' demands are met. Now you may purchase these at a reasonable price.

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Shed installed in Queens

Empire sidewalk shed & scaffolding meticulously measure every distance, length, and breadth in order to produce a long-lasting sidewalk shed. We have the most extensive and well-made shed installed.

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Complete shed installations in Manhattan

The main feature that distinguishes us as an excellent choice for your sidewalk shed design is that we not only have a great desire to complete our projects on time, but we also really would like to make our clients happy and content.

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Temporary sidewalks in the Bronx

Astonishingly high-quality sidewalk bridges at incredibly low prices. We are a firm that is always striving to achieve new heights, which can only be accomplished by ensuring the satisfaction of our consumers.

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Best sidewalk shed in Westchester

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product possible so that our customers do not have to deal with the consequences of a shaky and insecure sidewalk shed design. Our crew is trained particularly for this job and works their magic on the scaffold sheds.

Our Services


Sidewalk Shed

Finding a reliable sidewalk shed installation service provider in NYC can be a daunting task. Stop looking for any other service provider as we have got you all covered. Our company is a trusted name, and extensive experience in sidewalk canopy installation speaks of our credibility. If you want to get the most durable sidewalk bridge installed anywhere in NYC, you can reach us right away. Our experts will visit your site and install the scaffold shed without even bothering you.

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Debris Chute 

We pledge to provide safe, reliable, and safe debris chutes in Bronx. By choosing us, you will get the chance to work with the most efficient staff. We are dedicated to providing debris chute hopper to cater to your commercial as well as domestic construction needs. Just name it, and we will provide you the services anywhere in the Bronx area. Our experts will be at your disposal 24/7 and will help you out with anything related to debris chutes in Bronx. Your reliable service partner is just a click away. Get in touch with us for a hassle-free experience.

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Temporary fences

Our full-service temporary security fencing crew will be more than happy to serve you. We offer the most viable option for portable electric fence in Westchester. We have the best removable fences in the whole region. Our temporary mesh fencing is durable, reliable, and customizable to meet the requirements of every customer. You should definitely connect with us without any delay. It’s a promise from our side that you will have no regret once you hire us for the service!

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Jersey Barriers

We have trained our professionals to take jersey barrier dimensions correctly to do the job with perfection. We take every possible measure to serve you with excellent reliability and durability. We have experts on board to help you out with anything, from rubber water barriers to jersey dividers. Every product we provide is unique and at an affordable price. Our skilled project managers and maintenance managers are active and check all the quality aspects during the work.

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Shoring System

We provide high-quality shoring systems services in several fields; structure building pile installation and support of excavation and environmental drilling, and site remediation. Get in touch with us, and we will get you all covered. Our skilled staff is dedicated to providing top-notch shoring systems to every type of client. We will take exact measurements and then install perfectly made internally braced shoring systems to make the construction project a hassle-free experience for you. So, by choosing us, you will rest assured of getting high-quality, reliable, and on-time shoring system services from certified professionals.

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pipe scaffolding

Pipe Scaffolding

Are you looking for affordable and efficient pipe scaffolding rental services in Westchester? You are in the right place. Empire sidewalk shed & scaffolding offer budget-friendly pipe scaffolding solutions to commercial and domestic clients. We will also ensure that our customers are fully satisfied at the end of the project. Our staff is fully trained to do the job in the best manner. No regrets at all once you are going to get our services. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are not going to do any kind of compromise on it at any cost.

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hoisting nyc


If you need chain hoists or any other types of hoist equipment in Yonkers, get in touch with us. We will make sure that your construction project will go smoothly without any delay. Our experts don’t hesitate to get out of their comfort zone to provide the best services to the clients. We are the believer of the quote that customer is the king. Thus, we exert our efforts to satisfy the kings. You don’t need to worry about anything now, as your trusted partner is here to help you out. Get ready for a trouble-free experience.

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construction fence nyc

Construction fence

Empire sidewalk shed & scaffolding offer the best construction mesh fence solutions in Queens. Our experts perform jobs under the supervision of experts by using modern techniques and technologies. Everything is done with special types of equipment and training. If you want outstanding plastic construction fence services, then give us a call. We work for our customer’s safety and satisfaction. By choosing us for construction fence screens, you will rest assured of getting high-quality service from certified professionals. Get in touch with us right away!

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Prioritize Ensured Safety

Despite the fact that most people are aware that the construction sector is known for producing some of the most dangerous work environments, some business owners and site managers try to save time and money by skipping safety inspections and training. Workplaces that have their safety practices properly assessed are likely to have fewer injury claims than those that do not. As a result, it is in any company's greatest advantage to prioritize safety at all times. We're here to keep you and anyone in the vicinity of the building site safe.

construction fence nyc
Safe construction

Avoid accidents and penalties

Sidewalk shed guidelines

Areas We Serve

 • Brooklyn
 • Bronx
• Manhattan
• Queens 
• Westchester
 • Yonkers

Your Best Safety Construction Partner In NYC

Our Quick-Responding Experts Have Found Excellent Alternatives To Resolve Your Safety Issues:

Whether it's a simple job around the house or a large enterprise, including building projects, we're here to assist you. We sell a variety of non permanent fencing. When it comes to temporary fencing, our services are the best and most diverse. Nothing can go wrong with our highly-skilled, technically proficient, and enthusiastic team. The temporary fencing industry is large, but we guarantee to offer a product that stands out and is the best in the industry.

Pick from our services the Sidewalk Bridge or Sidewalk canopy, whichever you prefer:

Our services are available across New York City. In today's fast-paced, densely crowded society, sidewalk protections are widely used. So, what sets us apart? Our relentless pursuit of perfection and our commitment to and involvement with our clients distinguishes us in our field.

Your safety construction specialists will deliver a heavy-duty sidewalk shed:

  • Our sidewalk bridge is among the best in town, with the strongest construction at an exceptionally low cost. Our sidewalk bridge is the greatest in town since we utilize long-lasting materials and employ strategies and tactics. We value our clients' time and confidence. Therefore we provide fast sidewalk shed construction without needless delays. Because the city of New York is undergoing construction in numerous areas, sidewalk protection is required. As the market becomes more crowded, quality suffers.

For the Sidewalk Bridge NYC, world-class building materials are used:


  • We not only sell sidewalk bridges in NYC, but we also rent bridges in Brooklyn to make things easier for our valued clients. Temporary fence gates are available to our clients who require a bridge in New York but do not have the financial means or flexibility to purchase one.


Before we deliver the services, we inspect the quality of your temporary sidewalks:


  • Our most effective and long-lasting commercial product is the scaffold shed. In comparison to other firms, we offer the greatest sidewalk protection at a very reasonable price. Empire sidewalk shed & scaffolding promise to deliver a secure and stable sidewalk bridge to our consumers.


Customer Service is available 24 hours a day with repairs and maintenance needs:


  • We are the best among our rivals because of our continual growth and the need to be the best among other firms. We pledge to pay attention to our customers' ideas and advice in order to improve in the long term.


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