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Safe construction

With so many sections in the city under renovation, it's no surprise that the city is littered with scaffolding and so-called sidewalk shelters. It's not uncommon to pass by, under, or around a sidewalk bridge on any given day, whether it's in a redevelopment area, an old structure being restored or demolished, or a new skyscraper soaring into the sky. To keep the people safe while a city is being built, safe sidewalk sheds are required.


Sidewalk sheds are constructed over sidewalks and pedestrian pathways to protect people from debris that may fall from above-ground building projects. They are temporary buildings that allow companies to function while work is underway and keep sidewalks open to pedestrians. Sidewalk shed designs must begin with a city's permission, follow certain requirements, and be site-specific. Inadequate shed installed, which lack structural support and are poorly designed, might result in violations and harm to pedestrians and construction employees.


Debris chutes must be installed correctly to ensure worker safety and prevent accidents caused by falling debris. Debris chutes come in a variety of diameters and lengths, and modular chutes may be coupled to get the exact size you need. Smaller chutes may frequently be firmly connected to the building's side. Larger chutes may require a supporting structure to keep them stable in position while in operation. Construction debris chutes must have 42-inch guardrails placed around the top entrance to protect workers from falling into the entrance while performing their tasks. These rail guards must be firmly secured in order to remain in place even when subjected to heavy impacts or long-term use

On the ground floor, a boundary should be enforced around the debris landing site. The materials lifted from the building's top floors might sometimes land with a lot of force. Maintaining a safe distance between employees and the area where debris will drop can help prevent major accidents in the workplace and guarantee complete compliance with all OSHA requirements governing the use of construction debris chutes.